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5 Reasons how Sports Could Anchor your Weight Loss Resolutions
Friday, May 18, 2018

It’s never too late for revisiting those famed New Year Resolutions. Honestly, they’re the most over-rated practice every new year because they don’t last more than a few weeks, especially if they include hitting the gym or losing that excessive body fat hanging from every other part. It’s a different story if you’re a fitness freak but what if you’re not? Well, we got you covered!

Sports are usually not something you resolve to do. They were most probably just invented to have a ball of a time while breaking some sweat doing it. So, how exactly can sports help you keep that weight loss routine on track? What is so different in them than regular exercise sessions? Let’s take a look:

1. Well, for starters they’re more fun!

Sports are not designed for burning calories or shaping up the body. They’re just there because people love to indulge in them. There are hundreds of different sports played around the globe and none is as tiring or painful as those crunches and push-ups you might have to do at the gym.

2. You don’t have to drag yourself to the field every day

We’re just connecting the dots here! Since they’re designed to be fun and not bone breakers, you don’t have to drag yourself to the field every day. Irrespective of what sport interests you the most, you do it because you feel like it and after hectic routines throughout the day, who doesn’t want to have some quality time?

3. They’re effective calorie burners even when performed lightly

You never intended to play sports because you wanted to lose weight. It’s just something you love doing. However, it’s a mutual relationship. You dedicate yourself to sports and they repay you by shedding some extra pounds without you even knowing it. Sports like swimming (360 calories every 30 minutes), squash (300 calories every half an hour) and basketball (288 calories every 30 minutes) give you an ample amount of calories lost every day.

4. Improves much more than just your weight

And they’re working on much more than just your weight. In fact, they’re helping you build much more than just your physique. Besides the stamina, lost calories and reduced fat, the sports you indulge in help you build social skills, hand-eye co-ordinations and friendships that sometimes last a lifetime. Moreover, every sports session then turns into a memory forming opportunity for moments that you cherish throughout life.

5. It’s one resolution you can’t really break because it’s not a resolution!

It’s quite evident now. You don’t resolve to play sports. You do it because you want to, because you love it and why wouldn’t you? There are hardly any reasons how you could resist the attraction in sports.

Before you head out to the field however, a word from the wise; be sure to have the appropriate equipment and gear on you because the charm of using all that interesting stuff is a motivation that’ll help you pick a sport if you’re too lazy for that too.


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