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When the game is tied, the gym is packed, and the crowd is wild, the last thing you want to be thinking about is the safety of your seating and equipment. Unfortunately, routine maintenance and repairs can fall to the bottom of the priority list. But by planning ahead, you can save yourself, your company, and your participants a lot of pain and hassle.

A thorough Preventative Maintenance Safety Inspection is recommended at least once a year to meet insurance requirements and maintain safe operations. One of our expert technicians will visit your site and complete the following:
  • Visual Safety Inspection
  • Equipment Maintenance
    • Tightening every bolt
    • Assessing every pulley, cable, and wheel
    • Lubricating, aligning and adjusting as needed
  • Equipment Repair
    • Whenever possible your equipment will be repaired the same day, if needed
  • Proof of Maintenance
    • For insurance and record keeping purposes, we provide a Certificate of Completion and Service Review Form
A Visual Safety Inspection is also available in between Preventative Maintenance Safety Inspections or if you are concerned about the condition of your equipment. A qualified technician will perform the following:
  • Visual inspection
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Proof of Maintenance
    • Our report will include a detailed list of your equipment, the status of each piece, and any safety concerns
Don’t wait until there’s an accident. Call MAC Athletics today and stay ahead of the game.
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