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We’ve all seen a player make a slam dunk and impressively hang from the rim before landing on the court in victory. While it may drive the crowds wild, it is appreciated less by the court maintenance crew. Even without theatric displays, rims are subject to wear and tear, just like every other piece of athletic equipment. If left unaddressed, the strain and impact will eventually compromise the structure of the rim, inadvertently giving an advantage to the home team.

The Fair-Court rim testing system was designed to prevent these issues from running the court. The tester measures the rim’s performance and provides instant digital results.

No need to climb a ladder or get out the measuring tape. Set up and testing is quick and easy:
  1. Before each use, place the tester on a solid floor and calibrate.
  2. Attach the tester hook to the rim. (Ladders not required!)
  3. Drop the weight.
The tester will measure the height of the rim as well as the velocity of the rebound off the compression spring in the housing of the unit. Once the results are displayed, repeat the test on the opposite end of the court.


The NCAA and FIBA require that the elasticity of the rim be within 35-50% energy-absorption range of total impact energy. The display shows figures as decimals, so your results should be within .350 -.500. In addition, the rims on each side court must be within 5% of each other, meaning there is no more than a difference of .05 in the results.

In addition to providing you with the equipment necessary to play the game, MAC Athletics offers maintenance and repair for basketball courts and other athletic facilities. Contact us today.
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