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On any given day you will find gymnasiums, football and soccer fields and other sports complexes around the country hosting vast multitudes. While providing seating for the people attending these events is important it is even more vital to ensure the safety of the spectators sitting in the bleachers.

Far too often we see reports of bleachers collapsing causing injury and even death, all of which could have been avoided simply by making sure that the bleachers or stadium seats followed all ADA requirements making them safe for workers and spectators alike. Many of these accidents occurred because the bleachers and/or bleacher railings were installed prior to 1996 and therefore did not meet current safety protocols.


At MAC Athletics, in addition to installing the proper railings to bring your bleachers up to code, we also provide inspection, replacement and maintenance for all aspects of bleachers focusing on safety and reducing risks and liabilities.

Other bleacher services provided by our expert staff include new construction/installation, indoor bleacher inspections/maintenance and bleacher power automation. At MAC Athletics, we pride ourselves on making sure that you receive work done safely and of the highest quality.

For more information about the bleacher rail installation, inspection and replacement services, as well as inspections, general repairs, preventative maintenance safety inspections and visual safety inspections contact us today at MAC Athletics and let us give you the peace of mind knowing that your facility is safe.
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