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4 Things to Consider When Opening a Fitness Center
Wednesday, January 24, 2018

With more and more people becoming conscious about their fitness and health, there’s a massive influx of gyms and fitness centers across the state. These places remain crowded with fitness enthusiasts from early morning to late nights. The awareness of physical fitness in people is not only good for one’s health but is also building an industry in its own.

With the increasing demand, several new gymnasiums are opening up; however, not all of them are found to be up to the standards set by the clearance authorities. In order to open a gym that not only provides the best facilities but is also a safe investment for the owner, below are few things to consider.

1. Financing

The first thing to do when planning to open a gym is to sort out your finances. A prospective gym owner must analyze their financial condition with regards to how big of a place they are opting for. Other factors focused should be trainer salaries, maintenance costs and equipment costs.

Since all gyms are expected to have state of the art machines, it is recommended to set the biggest chunk of the available finances to them followed by salaries. Also, a small amount should be set aside for marketing and promotions as there are many other providers of the very same service.

2. Location

After sorting out your finances, it is time to look for a perfect location for the gym. The ideal location is near offices and busy avenues where people can easily join the gym. But since these places are usually high priced, locations near public swimming pools and colleges could also be viable alternatives.

When selecting the location, the size of the center should also be kept in mind. Ideally, a gym should be spacious enough to contain all the equipment with reasonable privacy for the clients. A gym must also have amenities such as a lounge, changing rooms and snack counters.

3. Choosing Equipment

After locking in the right place, it is time to purchase the gym equipment. It is always suited to have a balanced mix of gym machines that can meet every client’s need. An ideal equipment portfolio is expected to have a mix of cardio, strength and group exercise equipment. While setup for meditation and spa treatments is also an added bonus.

The equipment mix can be split as per the following ratio that is 47% of strength equipment with cardio machines taking 33% of the gym services and group exercises coming third with 20% of all gym equipment.

4. Warranty and Maintenance

If one has invested a large amount of their budget in their gym machines and equipment, it is advised to get all of them insured and warranted. In case of any of fire or any general malfunction, claim can be made without incurring heavy losses.

After setting up your gym, it’s recommended to get the place checked and inspected by a professional service before applying for state certification.


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